Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fish Out Of Water coming February 5, 2015

Fish Out Of Water 

Natalie Whipple has done it again!!!! Heres her new book Fish Out Of Water !!! It will be out February  5, 2015 and also it her first contemporary book !!!! Congrats It's beautiful!!! Read her other books Transparent, Blindsided, House Of Ivy And Sorrow , Relax, I'M A Ninja ..... And Trust Me, I'm A Ninja that comes out September 2014!!!! Read all her books you wont regret it !!!  Find her at
Heres the snip bit!!

"People like to think fish don't have feelings – it's easier that way – but as I watch the last guppy squirm in his bag, his eyes seem to plead with me. I get the sense that it knows just as well as I do that bad things are on the horizon."

Mika Arlington has her perfect summer all planned out, but the arrival of both her estranged grandmother and too cool Dylan are going to make some very big waves in her life.

Told with Natalie Whipple's signature whip-smart wit and warmth, this is a story about prejudice, growing up and the true meaning of sticking by your family.  ----- Natalie Whipple !!!!

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