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Eventide By Christine Allen-Riley BLOG TOUR

Eventide (Iron Falls, #1)
Release Date: 10/2014

Summary from Goodreads:
The driver in a tragic car accident that killed her best friend, Devon Greer is consumed by guilt. When powerful hallucinations convince her that she’s seeing Rachael everywhere, Devon thinks she’s going crazy. But her friend isn’t truly gone.

To save Rachael from the faeries who stole her, Devon must pit herself against the Court of the Sidhe. Once she witnesses the true form of the fey, Devon’s life is in danger—and so are the lives of everyone she loves.

Now, Devon must not only protect herself, but also Jonah Seafort, Rachael’s cousin and the only person Devon can trust to help her. While the Sidhe walk among them, no one is safe…

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My Review: 

High Fantasy. Very interesting. Always on your toes. But I wanted more!! It was lacking character development . In my oppinion I didn't really know the characters that well.

The idea of the other realm was cool and "magical".
Devon has had so much grief so when she starts seeing her dead friend Rachel she not sure if it is her or her imagination. Until she starts seeing other things in the woods and  her world is changed.
Jonah ... I wanted more .. I didn't really get to know his character so I didn't get to fall in love with him.

Eventide is very well written and the plot is there I just needed more.. I don't know more of what but something.

Just remember keep Iron on you at all times.

3.5 /5 stars 

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