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Who We Were by Christy Sloat review!!!

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(Contemporary Novel)

About Who We Were: 

“Who we were had washed away with the summer. Who we are was yet to be seen.”
Summer school at Alcott High was only supposed to gain Sadie Peters extra credit, nothing more. Her goal wasn’t to make friends, or gain the attention of the most popular football player, yet she managed both. Her life was cruising along on course … until that summer.
Could a simple stint in a different school change her identity completely and introduce her to love for the first time? How would that affect her relationship with Lily, her best friend?
Hopefully their friendship was strong enough to make it through the tumultuous summer. Sadie learns that great things come with change, but sometimes memories of the past are hardest to part with.

My Review:

Where do I start??  I don't Think I can.. Ahh I think I have picked a favorite Genre tho.  yes I love every genre but Contemporary  has been my fav this year.

so .. Lets .. get started.
Sadie is an amazing main character. She starts off not sure where she belongs but the summer school was really nothing more than credits. She wants a fresh new start and maybe something more.  She goes to a new school and meets new people. But what if the people you meet are not the people that you thought they were? What if you fell in love with the wrong boy .?
Friendship will be tested and emotions will be on the line.

However theres alway light after the storm.

I loved this book I enjoyed the way it was laid out I'm not going to ruin the surprise so go and read.
The characters were easy to relate to and fun to read about. You will defiantly experience sadness but dont all the good book have sadness. :) I fell in love with Nolan and his small acts of "kindness." I liked him from the start .

I know my review is really vague but thats because I want you to read it and experience it for your self.

/5 stars
I recommend this book!!! A great Contemporary read.

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About the Author:

Christy Sloat
resides in New Jersey currently with her husband, two daughters and Sophie her Chihuahua. Christy has embraced the love of reading and writing since her youth and was inspired by her grandmother’s loving support. Christy passes that love of reading, writing, and creativity to her daughters, family, and friends. When you do not find Christy within the pages of a book you can find her being mommy,  wife, crafter, and dear friend. She loves adventurous journeys with her friends  and can be known to get lost inside a bookstore. Be sure to venture into her  Past Lives Series, The Visitor’s Series, and watch for many more exciting things  to come. 

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