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Prophecy by Julie Anne Lindsey Blog Tour!!

Prophecy (Calypso, #1)
Release Date: 10/06/14
Kensington Books

Summary from Goodreads:
On the other side of death, is destiny.

Callie Ingram is spending her senior year focused on one thing: swimming. Her skill as a competitive swimmer is going to secure a scholarship and her future, or so she hopes. She has big plans, and Liam Hale, her gorgeous new neighbor, isn’t going to affect them. But when Callie sees Liam beheading someone, she learns his family has a secret that will change everything. The Hales are Vikings, demi-gods who’ve been charged by The Fates to find their new destined leader.

Callie’s caught in the middle of a budding Norse apocalypse, in love with Liam Hale and desperate to protect her best friend…who the Hales believe is marked for transformation. Putting the clues together as fast as she can, can discovers she has the power to rewrite destiny, for herself and all humankind.

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My Review:

My fist reactions while reading:

Im hooked I mean really. Dylan O'Brien's name is on the first page
Wait stop I need some Hale Brothers in my school 
Greek mythology heck yess!!
Me gusta Liam!!
No those birds are to big to be real.
UHoh he is not normal.
Godess? Gods? .. ok, i okay with this.
KIss kiss Kiss.. Wait don't Kiss ... Kiss kiss kiss.
We have the same hair.
Oliver is nice name. Since I like your name can we be boyfriend and girlfriend. Jk you can have her.
ME oh MY.
Pick it uP pICK IT UP..
kILLEM NOW no not later now.
She is what??/
that sword is AwSome!!!
Stayin alive. Ha Ha hA
pLEASE OH please be okay.
dONT FUlfill that thing.
She is yours but you are mine.

(So you might have no idea what was going on right there but those were my reactions while reading this book)
Interesting, funny, and wet....  Callie thought her life was normal.. But wait theres these new brothers at school . Somethings not right. and maybe everything changes?

Mythology and romance how could you go wrong..(gods&goddesses)

 I enjoyed this book very much. There were a few parts where some people would think is slow but for me I felt like it made the book flow more smoothly. Liam one of the two brothers is amazing in a weird way well  he is a Viking and might be a thousand million trillion years old but who cares he's hot and extremely sweet. The epic end made question my head I enjoyed all the suspense!!
I really have no negative feed about this book.

4/5 stars

13years and older

Collage I made for this book !!! Things that reminded me of Prophecy.  

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About Julie:
Julie Anne Lindsey is a multi-genre author who writes the stories that keep her up at night. She’s a self-proclaimed nerd with a penchant for words and proclivity for fun. Julie lives in rural Ohio with her husband and three small children. Today, she hopes to make someone smile. One day she plans to change the world.

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