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Instead Of This by Megan Dukes Cover Reveal and Character pictures ( AMOS)

Instead of This 
by Megan Dukes
cover reveal 

Summary of first two books in the series:


Without Me:
       Denni isn't ready for the change that is about to happen in her ordinary life but it comes anyway. Her life changes drastically when she meats Jack and she has to figure out what is real and what is not. She will have have to trust new people and let go of the past to uncover what she really is. Without Me will lead through a creative and new world. Your heart will beat and your mind will race. In the end of the book your left with questions and to answer them you will have to read book two.

Because Of Me: 
        The characters are all in hiding from the results of the massive ending in book one. They will have to find the foe that may be among them. Be prepared to learn more about the Mind Breakers and what they can do. You will read a lot of different prospectives form new characters and learn a lot of new things. One character especially Alivien. You will come to learn a lot about her. 

BUmm dum bumm dum buum ahhh oh bumm dum dumm. 

My cover puzzle piece. 

Okay so now before we talk about Amos I think everybody should turn on the his PLAYLIST ( Link). Some tunes for your reading. Also from the titles to the lyrics you can learn a lot about Amos ;) . Yes Amos deserved his own playlist. Also here is the link to the Without Me playlist (Link).


Ps. I blew up the pictures because they don't do them justice to be small.

So I wanted to give a little about Amos. 
    He is a critical character to the Mind Breaker Accounts series. However arn't all the characters? While reading WithOut Me Amos caught my attention. He was seen as the bad guy. Hard on the edges but really just fighting for what he thinks is right. But being who I am I didn't see him that way at all. I actually felt bad for him. Denni finds out who and what she is and also who Amos really is. She is hurt so she leaves him. It made me a little sad she didn't give him more of a chance but in the end I think Amos has a path and I can't  wait to see where that takes him. 

So I was asked by the author what I think will happen with Amos in the final book?
My answer Is that he will jump out of the book with his cool " powers" and sweep me off my feet with his amazing accent and good looks. We will get married and defeat the world together. 

Okay for real. I think Amos will find himself and hopefully find somebody he can trust. I hope I will get to learn more about his character and his background. I think Amos will end up one of those characters you will never know what there going to do next.  If he will do the right thing or do the wrong. I think he will fight till the end. I guess will see.

( Note to author: Be nice to sweet Amos :"D) 

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